Manufacturer Falmec - Italy

Products created as a synthesis of glass, stainless steel and light with decorative features. Engine capacity 800 m³/h, chambers for sound absorption, tempered glass, high quality stainless steel and halogen or LED lighting low spending.

E.ion cookerhoods
E.ion cookerhoods

Pure Air Factory

Today Falmec offers the new exclusive E.ion® System. The new technology applied to this new collection of cookerhoods really able not only reduce odours but also to restore the ionic balance for the optimal living environment and with benefits to for the human health. Specialized laboratories certify the efficiency of technology E.ion® System declaring an odour reduction above 70%.

Design+ cookerhoods Design+ cookerhoods


The Design family includes modern cooker hoods for all tastes. From the simplest to the most complex and intricate, from the most minimalist to the boldest, from standard cooker hoods to the most unique and sought after. The Design family really contains many products, all of which are characterised by the use of the best materials, the best manufacturing technologies and technical solutions, and our customary attention and care in manufacturing.

Mirabilia cookerhoods Mirabilia cookerhoods

Much more than an electrical appliance

Mirabilia is born from a fusion of glass, steel and light. Mirabilia is thus much more than a cooker hood: it becomes a decorative and design feature. Since it is available in a variety of finishes, it can be used in various types of environments. With the exception of the Groove cooker hood, the internal light shines through the glass for a very impressive scenic effect. The light's intensity may also be changed to suit your needs and taste.

Potenza cookerhoods Potenza cookerhoods


Cookerhoods with a clearly identifiable, innovative minimal trait, shoing a strong nature and a gift in adapting the kitchen to your personality not just due to the shape itself but to the technology offered.