Manufarcturer Gamet
Gamet is the leader of the Polish and European market in production of decorative handles, knobs, feet and other furniture accessories. In collaboration with designers and introduction of new technologies in the production process, with high standards, Gamet offers products with impeccable quality.
Manufarcturer Giusti
Giusti company is a leading European manufacturer of decorative hardware for furniture. It offers a wide range of products, whose main feature is a superb design and excellent quality.
Manufarcturer Rujz Design
Rujz Design, longtime manufacturer of decorative hardware.
Manufarcturer Cafim
Cafim is an Italian company dedicated to the production of decorative elements for furniture, handles, hangers etc..
Selection of decorative handles from multiple manufacturers.
Selection of decorative hangers from multiple manufacturers.
Door handles
Selection of door handles from Gamet's production lines - MultiSystem and Aseptic.
Hardware for Compact HPL
HPL partition hardware.