Manufacturer Domus Line
Domus Line is an Italian company specialized in the development and manufacture of lighting products, systems and controllers in the furniture sector. They have many products including halogen and LED lighting. The products that we represent is with LED light and halogen lamp model.
Inside lights
A group of lights that are placed inside the furniture: wardrobes, closets, inside kitchen cabinets,.. Some of them have a motion sensor that automatically turns the light on and off.
Under lights
A group of surface lights that are placed under the upper kitchens cabinets.
Lighting tubes
Products that have a dual function. Firstly, as the clothe's hangers rail in your closet or wardrobe, and then as a lamp that illuminates the cabinet space.
LED stripes
Flexible LED strips with white lighting or a sequence of range of colors.
Lights that you can place over certain elements such as mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms, frames of pictures, over kitchen cabinets,..