Skirting board K40

This classical MDF skirting board is colour-matched to the wood-effect floorings in the Krono Original laminate floorings range. Its 22 mm depth allows for ample coverage of expansion gaps between the wall and the flooring. It is easily installed using a mounting clip and is coated with a wood-print foil.

Dimensions: 2600 x 40 x 22 mm

Price (2600 mm): 142.00 den.

Skirting board K58

This flat-top modern MDF skirting board is colour-matched to our tile and stone effect floorings, as well as many laminate floorings from the Krono Original range. With a depth of 18 mm it covers the expansion gap fully. It is easily installed using mounting clips.

Dimensions: 2600 x 58 x 18 mm

Price (2600 mm): 208.00 den.

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