About us


VITRINA has been created to be the hub of creativity, a place of inspiration and realization of the creativity of architects and designers of unique top-class interior and projects of great scale.

VITRINA is a project encompassing 25 European providers, manufacturers of top- quality and exclusive materials for furniture manufacturing and refinement of spaces.

VITRINA is focused on achieving the following goals:

- Creating stronger connection with the architects and designers, to raise the awareness for products, from the earliest phase of planning and definition of a project.

- Promotion of new materials for interiors and furniture manufacturing, centered on first class market segments.

-Complementing the market of existing technical products with new ones, demanded by architects or required legally by regulators, for use in bigger projects, in the public and private sector. Such as: Hospitals, Airports, Trade centers, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

- Providing stock of certain products, in the form of Express ready-in stock collection, of all product categories and all providers involved in the project.

- Have the capacity of agent between our partners- providers and Architects – investors, for big projects, where direct involvement and negotiation are mandatory.

- Establish bidirectional feedback from our partners – providers and from the architects on the one hand, through the effective promotion of the novelties on the market, and on the other hand, feedback from the architects regarding their needs.

What makes VITRINA different in its field is the possibility for professional presentation of materials and their technical specifications, as well as fast and timely information for the products and services.

The Product system represented by VITRINA is founded by the following principles: Quality, Uniqueness, Longevity, and High Aesthetics.

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  • Kronospan – Germany
  • Pfleiderer-Germany
  • Duropal-Germany
  • Wodego-Germany
  • Thermopal-Germany
  • Telma Plados-Italy
  • Inoxa-Italy
  • Dekodur – Germany
  • Bellanda – Italy
  • Rehau – Italy
  • GGA-Italy
  • Richter – Germany
  • Servetto – Italy
  • Amig – Spain
  • Falmec – Italy
  • Proal – Italy
  • Cafim – Italy
  • Prestige – Poland
  • Holz in Form – Germany
  • Salice-Italy
  • Rujz design-Slovenia
  • Rodi-Portugal
  • Harn- Malaysia
  • Gamet-Poland
  • Giusti – Italy
  • Domus Line – Italy
  • SM’art – Italy